Regional Expertise, Localized Response, Customise Solutions.

MAS’s team of fully qualified engineers and technicians are well placed to deliver high quality solutions, expertise and service excellence throughout the SEA region. Our qualified technicians and equipment are ready to deploy 24/7 service when needed both on site and at our workshop facility. Dedicated field team ensures immediate expediting and execution of the work, ensuring immediate feedback or remedy to the problem, decreasing downtime and life cycle costs.


   * Mobile repair units with trained engineers and specialty equipment                       onsite around the clock

   * Shut down and project management

   *  Preventative systems – inline testing

   *  PSV test rigs – onshore/offshore

   *  Sealant & Lubrication injection services

   *  Control Valve diagnostics & services

   *  Start-ups and commissioning

   *  Hydrostatic testing

Ever Ready to Respond; 24/7.

Valve Torque Test at Site for Argus Ball Valve 6” x 300# with Pneumatic Torque Transducer.