The Matco Asia Group has been  conducting comprehensive and rigorous hands-on training of all our technicians and engineers. Through this training program, we have developed a network of qualified local technicians and engineers throughout the region that can be quickly assembled as "Tiger team" that are able to fly offshore, or customer sites, to deliver high quality, fast, reaction support throughout SE Asia.






The ONE MATCO Advantage:

   *   Regional Expertise, Localized Response, Customise Solutions.

   *   Safety First - Understanding of local and regional safety regulation and quality standards

   *   Customer Relationship Management Program (CRM) - ACT! Premium : A real time online
        sharing of project information, customer's contact and database within the region.

   *   On-site services, Onshore and offshore capabilities

   *   Shop repair services that are near to you

   *   Asset Management Program

   *   24/7 field service support and emergency mobilization

   *   Dedicated engineer provide attention to quality, project completeness and aesthetics

   *   Competitive pricing